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Canada's biggest missed opportunity.

It's a shocking fact. Each year in Canada, millions of tons of sawdust is discarded by our forest industry as a waste byproduct. When it isn't simply burned, this sawdust is often used as "bedding" for horses and chickens. Not exactly a high value application.

Now imagine for a moment if you could find a better use for all of that sawdust; something that would create enormous value out of this seemingly valueless byproduct. Imagine if you could turn this waste sawdust into products that sell for hundreds of dollars per unit. Well, that's exactly what FORPAC does.

From Valueless to Valuableā€¦
At FORPAC, we use our proprietary technologies to take this sawdust and use it as a feedstock for the extraction of valuable plant chemical extracts. These extracts, which may be complex mixtures of molecules or single isolates, are then cleaned up and purified. The end result are highly valuable products that can be used in a variety of applications, including fragrances, pesticides and even pharmaceuticals.

A Closed Loop Process.
Importantly, throughout this entire process FORPAC does not destroy the original sawdust. In fact, our "processed" sawdust can be used for the same basic applications (e.g. burning and bedding) that is was before! FORPAC simply plugs into the existing supply network, adds a new source of value and then returns the sawdust to its previous users!
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