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Management and Key Personnel.
Christian Thwaites
Christian is President of Corporate Development at FORPAC and a director. He helps craft the company's strategy and also leads the marketing and sales activities. Christian has ten years of experience in the biotechnology and green technology sectors and has led several successful global marketing campaigns.
Nathan Janz
Nathan is President of Operations at FORPAC and a director. He leads FORPAC's operations–making sure all of our production gets done right and in a timely manner–as well as FORPAC's R&D activities. Nathan has an extensive background in biochemistry and green technology and has helped NGO's promote agroforestry and sustainable agricultural development.
Janet Evans
Janet is VP of Finance at FORPAC and Chairman of the Board. She is responsible for FORPAC's financial planning, management and reporting as well as its corporate governance. Janet has had a lengthy career in finance, which included serving as CFO at a Canadian financial services company.
Tim Arthur
Tim is the Production Plant Manager at FORPAC. In this role, Tim is responsible for the day-to-day management of FORPAC's production facility. He is a ticketed engineer and brings extensive expertise to FORPAC's production team.
Benno Bucher
Benno is a member of FORPAC's Advisory Board and advises the company on issues related to marketing and manufacturing. Benno is one of three owners of a major BC-based manufacturing firm and brings extensive expertise and know-how to FORPAC's advisory board.
Christian Baude
Christian is an advisor to FORPAC focusing on chemistry and fragrance. Christian has an extensive background in the fragrance industry which included working as a senior perfumer and director of technical services at Haarmann & Reimer, a major flavor and fragrance company. As his picture attests, Christian is an avid photographer.
  Angela Kohut
Angela is an advsior to FORPAC focusing on fragrance and perfumery development. Angela is actively involved in the North American fragrance industry and serves as the President of the American Society of Perfumers.
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